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The Story

We’re family. We grew up together. We served you coffee on Sunday mornings in your p.j.s. We watched you graduate from school. We knew you when you came alone and now know the baby in your stroller, or the "baby" choosing a college. We know your dog’s names. We talk to your parents when they visit. We know how you like your bagel toasted and how you like your coffee. And you know us.

We are a locally owned, small family business. Your ongoing support means a lot to us.
We offer fresh bagels, sandwiches, coffee drinks and smoothies. Our eggs are cracked in front of you and made on the grill, not in the microwave.  We also have a home and office catering delivery business, that's been adapted with COVID-19 health and safety precautions.  Tell your friends about us.  We know you have a choice, choose Brooklyn Bagel.
Thank you.

Everybody has a story...

My wife was born in Brooklyn and she grew up in Jersey. I came to the U.S. from Morocco in 1986. We met in '87 and after visiting her family regularly, I knew Northern Virginia needed a "real bagel shop".  We trained with our NY and Jersey connections in order to bring the best bagel to the DMV. We opened in 2000 and have been your neighborhood "bagelry" ever since.
We are not a chain or a franchise; those come and go.  We don't chase the latest fads but rather serve consistent fresh food. We are family owned and operated. Some of our employees have been with us since we opened. Stop in to see us soon.

Thank you,

The New York Tradition

Why are our bagels so good? We could say we bring bottled NYC water in, but we don’t.  Our secret is we learned how to bake bagels up in Jersey. We believe the difference between our bagels and others around DC is the way we make the dough; not many shops cook the old-fashioned way anymore. We kettle boil our bagels. This way, you get a crisper outside and chewy inside, instead of just bread. We also hand-make our bagels using only the freshest and finest ingredients like high gluten flour, salt, and brewers yeast.  Our bagels are kettle boiled to perfection before being baked in a rotating shelf oven on the premises. You can watch through the glass window.